Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub

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Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub NEW The 2-in-1 deep and cooling pore scrub removes impurities from pores with its ingredient of 40% baking powder granules and instantly tightens pores with the cooling effect of menthol derivative.




 Powder Crunch Pore Scrub is a scrub cleanser formulated with baking powder to penetrate, exfoliate and cleanse skin deeply.100% Natural Fragrance and dye-Free.

Benefits: Cleanses:- Oil Control, Pore Control, Moisturizes, Reduces Itchiness.

How to use:- The First Tear along the dotted line to extract scrub cleanser from the pouch. Next, apply cleanser to wet face, lather and massage then rinse off with warm water.

1 review for Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub

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